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Du kanske tänker på Internet Speculative Fiction Database. Det har omfattande register över SF-författare, böcker, berättelser etc. Mindre omfattande har några 

Type: Ongoing Series. Genre: Science fiction. Status: Finished. Publication Date: January — November, 1975. 6 issues • 15 images • 1 special. Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #1.

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Edited by Mark Bould (UWE) and Sherryl Vint (Brock University), with an international board of advisory editors, it encourages dialogue among the scholarly and intellectual communities of film studies, sf studies and television studies." Die Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDB) ist eine Datenbank für bibliographische Informationen zu Genres, die zur Speculative Fiction gezählt werden, insbesondere Science-Fiction und verwandte Genres wie Fantasy und Horrorliteratur. Nel 1998, Cory Doctorow ha scritto in Science Fiction Age: "La miglior guida a tutto ciò che riguarda la fantascienza resta l'Internet Speculative Fiction Database", mentre The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction commenta: "Il maggiormente specialistico Internet Speculative Fiction Database è incomparabile per il suo catalogo di libri e storie pubblicate, ed elenca con ogni edizione conosciuta News about science fiction publishing and coverage of new science fiction books and magazines. The site also provides a chronological listing of upcoming science fiction, fantasy, and horror conventions, conferences, and symposia; author events; sci-fi awards database; and a huge sci-fi index (books, magazines, anthologies, collections). Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction Vol 1 (1975) | Marvel Database | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction Vol 1 (1975) View source With thousands of new fiction books published every month, how do you find the right book to satisfy your craving for a particular theme? We've got you covered!

Your Guide to Fiction Books and Series.

Science fiction och fantasy: en unders kning av svenska bokf rlags utgivning och fyra folkbiblioteks ink p under tisperioden 1989 till 1994. Nilsson, Erik.

Darkstar's All of the books have been indexed and are listed in our on-line database. If you're feeling  6 Jan 2021 military sf; superhuman; apocalyptic; space opera; space western; time travel. Search DKU Library and subject oriented databases.

29 Apr 2018 Of all the fiction genres, sci-fi — aka speculative fiction — stands as the one most likely to inspire 2) Internet Science Fiction Database.

Science fiction database

With Arved Birnbaum, Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Nicole Marischka, Heidi Ecks. At a motivation seminar, the smart instructor Marius comes up against an awkward participant.

Science fiction database

Warhammer Fantasy. Fantasivärld. 18 nov. 2020 — The Palladio Web Museum - A Heterogeneous Database of Architecture Möjliga världar: Tekniken, vetenskapen och science fiction [Possible  Han var även redaktör för Analog Science Fiction och skrev över 100 böcker, Internet Speculative Fiction Database, författar-ID på ISFDB: 184, omnämnd som:​  Läs Keeping Faith: Military Romance With a Science Fiction Edge Gratis av Ann Gimpel ✓ Finns som Faith hacked into the personnel database to check. I filmen Insights on this problem får du lyssna på en djupgående diskussion med Mark Niemann-Ross. Filmen är en del av kursen Database Clinic: SQLite.
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Nilsson, Erik. Flag This Row. Drommar om evigheten: science fiction historia Inre landskap och yttre rymd, del 1 science fictions historia fr n H. G. Wells till Brian Aldiss. 25 jan. 2021 — The Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database is an online, searchable compilation and extension of Science Fiction and Fantasy  Artiklar om Science Fiction och Fantasy.

Classic open world trade / pirate / space​  Science Fiction & other interesting things. Originell och engagerande sf med handling på Jorden och en annan planet, där T-Mo är en utomjordisk person som​  Is the tide possibly turning for Swedish sci-fi on the big screen? A purer representation of science fiction would not yet be present until Otto Witt started the magazine Hugin, We welcome your comments on the Swedish Film Database. Investigators are given login credentials to the ANTERES online database that contains Players are free to use the investigation manual, ANTERES database, and any other Jag vill ha månadens science fiction med lästips varje månad.
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2 Jan 2014 I read fantasy.” It's also a single data point and provides no historical context. But even with all that, it's still a hopeful number. It means you can 

If  26 Oct 2015 I don't ordinarily provide links to other sites, but recently I found one that probably every fan of fantasy and science fiction should know about. Star Wars People. With you, may the force be. Search.

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Science Fiction DataBase - die Datenbank über Science Fiction! Science Fiction DataBase. Hier entsteht demnächst eine Online-Datenbank über Science Fiction. Layout und Skripte sind zum Großteil schon fertig, allerdings habe ich mit Firebirdeine Datenbank gewählt, die unter Webhostern (noch?) nicht verwendet wird.

Veronica Hammarlund.